Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Title: The Memory Keeper's Daughter
Author: Kim Edwards
Penguin, 2006 (2005)

This feels like a novel who would suit housewives who believe themselves to have "literary" tastes (yes, I'm being a book snob; no need to point that out). A few steps up from the Romance section. Why? Because it would be obvious to the thickest fool, and the man in question is a smart, young doctor, that your life will be plagued by guilt and secrecy if you tell your young wife - after delivering her of twins in a blizzard - that one of her babies died, although it was really very much alive but had Down Syndrome, and give it away to your nurse (Nightingale, not Ratchett) who promptly leaves town to raise the child elsewhere. This is the start of the novel, and naturally, the doctor does not come to his senses and confess to his wife because then there would not be a 500+ page novel. And, since Jodi Picoult raved so about this novel on its cover, I have been dissuaded from trying out her books any time soon.

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