Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Vesuvius Club

Title: The Vesuvius Club
Author: Mark Gatiss
Pocket Books, 2005 (2004)

Lucifer Box, the protagonist of this novel, is the James Bond equivalent of Edwardian England. He beds ladies (and a few fellows) like there is no tomorrow and while in a jam, his adversaries always try to kill him using the most elaborate contraptions; they are always kind enough to take time to tell him exactly how their master-plans are supposed to work, after which they obligingly leave him so that he can trick his way out of their murderous devices. If you like the typical James Bond plot, you will probably find this amusing as well. If you think oo7 is a bit tiresome and that his luck workwise and ladywise is not quite plausible, then chances are that Lucifer Box will fail to impress you.

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