Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Uncommon Reader

Title: The Uncommon Reader
Author: Alan Bennett
faber and faber/ Profile Books, 2008 (2007)

What would happen if Queen Elisabeth II became a book worm? This novel gives an intelligent answer to this question. The novella is sharp and thoughtful without placing itself above sit com humor, which stories of this kind are so perfect for. But, there is nothing here for the gossip lovers. The Duke makes an occasional appearance, but no other Royals are present to chock us with their excentric ways. Also, this shortie offers good, if not completely solid, commenting on the role of the Monarch and what this role does to impair the Queen's relationship to people in general. Well worth the effort, especially since the effort is limited to one hour at the most.

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Cornelia said...

Lätt för dig att säga, en timme. Ha! Det har tagit fyra dagar för mig och jag har 5 sidor kvar, Funderar på att ge den till svärmor, mamma och två fröknar på Klagstorpsskola.