Sunday, May 6, 2007

The ABC Murders

Title: The ABC Murders
Author: Agatha Christie
Fontana Paperbacks, 1990 (1936)

When I am in financial straits, I can't risk blowing my hard-earned cash on books I might like. I need a sure hit and, more often than not, I reach for an Agatha Christie. You always know what you get, and her whodunits are never worse than quite good. Also, if you're really hard up, you can often find them in used book shops.

In this one, it seems at first as if Christie is trying something new. We are actually introduced to the murderer and he is given a voice. Quite soon, though, one starts to wonder if this is not a ruse, and of course it is. In the end, Poirot gathers the upstairs/downstairs characters around him and unravels the mystery. It is nice that some things never change!
I use this novel for the B-course in English and, usually, quite a few students read it and like it, even the ones who can be very critical of my other choices for the course.

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