Friday, January 18, 2008

The Zombie Survival Guide

Title: The Zombie Survival Guide
Author: Max Brooks
Three Rivers Press, 2003

This was a Christmas gift and I was a bit stumped at the title of the novel (?). What the heck had I been given?! As it turned out, the book is exactly what it appears to be - a guide in the art of surviving zombies. The publishers have filed it in the "humor" genre, but I would beg to differ. What sicko editor could possibly find walking corpses devouring live humans fun? This work belongs in the horror section and nowhere else (possibly in the how-to-section if the book store has one).

At first this is interesting reading, but it does get a bit repetetive. When you have grasped the basic make-up of the zombie, most of the advice and strategies given are pure common sense. Since I scare easily though (I once had an elaborate survival plan, should Sweden be struck by an Ebola-outbreak), I found myself breastfeeding in the dead of night, worrying myself silly about how on earth I was supposed to protect my baby and myself if Fredrik (the daddy) should end up as one of the walking dead. Shockingly, the "mummy-books" do not offer any advice whatsoever for this contingency!

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