Sunday, October 28, 2007

And Then There Were None

Title: And Then There Were None
Author: Agatha Christie
HarperCollins, 2003 (1939)

The fact that this classic whodunit has sold over 100 (one hundred!!) million copies speaks for itself. It may also be an indication that no review is necessary because you have all already read it. Well, nevermind, any reason to clutter up the web is good enough for me. Basic intrigue: ten people, all individually responsible for someone's death and unpunished for it, arrive at secluded island and one by one they are killed off by the elusive U.N. Owen.

This is the third or fourth time I read it with students. Most of them like the story; some find the language a bit old-fashioned and difficult to penetrate; others manage it just fine. And always, the question is raised: why did they have to rename it??!! A perfect entry point for those of us amused by that particular discussion which I am, from time to time. Enjoy!

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