Saturday, October 27, 2007

The literary globetrotter!

Facebook has an application that lets its user pinpoint every single location in the the world that he or she has visited. I had it for a while but when I compared it to many of my friends, I blushed. I will forget my travelultra-friend who has been to Afghanistan and North Korea (and those are just the tip of the iceberg - right now he is doing Tonga with his wife and baby-daughter), but most people I know have left the relative safety of Europe and North America and braved Africa, Asia and Oceania.

But, then I thought, why feel bad when I have no immediate desire to have the runs ( I have ulcerous colitis - I know the runs!), or sleep on cots with friggin' scorpions crawling beneath my uneasy dreams? I enjoy my supercomfy bed, my sofa in the morning and our temperate climate. Therefore, I decided to wallow in my geographically stale state and make a map that will make me the most well-travelled person ever: where have I travelled using the means of literature (instead of shabby Russian planes)- and if I want to spice things up - when have I travelled? This amazing new blog feature will take some work of course, but boy oh boy, will you weary wanderers be impressed when you see it!

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