Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mer från läsboken!

14/2-2001 The Ventriloquist's Tale by P. Melville: I have read 1½ pages and I already love it. What a wonderfully witty, greedy, funny narrator!

6/4-2001 Falling Leaves by Yen Mah: This is very clearly just her story, wihtout frills or literary merit. I gobbled up the book but it was like being at someone's pity-party, I'm afraid.

11/4-2001 Judiths teater av Inger Alfvén: Genom bokens gång var jag rätt utled på Judiths och Rosalyns klarsynthet och deras stora dumhet/villighet (2007: verkar paradoxalt) att spela offer, men slutet är jag naturligtvis förtjust i.

17/4-2001 East of Eden av John Steinbeck: After the introduction of Samuel, Adam Trask came along and I thought they were supposed to be each other's opposites, but they're almost the same! Or... is Cyrus supposed to be the foil? Why do I expect opposites to such an extent one might wonder...

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