Saturday, May 23, 2009

Man in the Dark

Title: Man in the dark
Author: Paul Auster
Picador, 2008

Paul Auster is a clever author. Post modern, in control. Something for the reader who might like to think of him- or herself as part of an intelligent, educated audience. Well, for once, it struck me while reading him that he might have hade some actual fun writing this. It is not perfect, but this is part of its charm. Auster lets the story grab him by the hand and see where it takes him. It's an Auster I like.

The plot? August Brill, an old bed-ridden man invents a parallell world, in order to escape insomnia and a cruel reality. There, America has been plunged into civil war (due to the 2000 elections) and the main character is sent off to murder Brill since he is the creator of all the chaos.

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