Sunday, September 30, 2007

The printing press error

Well, as I revelled in my new-found appreciation of David Sedaris, I was brusquely pulled back to reality, or some surreal version of it, when on page 214, the novel ended in the middle of a chapter ("Chicken in the henhouse") and turned into a totally different book.

It was the new typeface which first alerted me to the fact, secondly the fact that p.214 was followed by p. 125. It dawned on me that this wasn't some post(post)modernist Sedaris literary trick that I didn't get, but a serious error. Suddenly, I was reading about two fellas named Beatty and Montag, apparently of Fahrenheit 451 fame. As I, shamefully confessing now, haven't read that classic, I have been given a 47-page sample of it. Or, more likely, a sign from the God of books that I should get my ass out of the house and get the real thing! I shall obey.

In any case, I expect this will make me immensely rich. But I shall have to inform my bookies (I have chosen to give the word new meaning, i.e. the one meaning book dealer) so they won't go selling more copies, devaluing mine!

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