Thursday, September 20, 2007

We don't need another hero

Well, as Tina Turner so insightfully sang in the early 1980s, we, apparently, don't need another hero. In this highly scientific survey with nine voters and 18 cast votes, it becomes clear that we prefer the antihero, be he pathetic or nihilistic. Maybe, this says something about ourselves? We would rather learn more about what being human means than flee in the company of he-(wo)men. Which is rather reassuring for mankind, I think. Perhaps, this would be a good time to notify Time Magazine about my findings? There is, after all, hope!

Full results:
  • The pathetic antihero (Don Quijote) - 4 votes
  • The nihilistic antihero (Raskolnikov) - 4 votes
  • The romantic hero (Mr. Darcy) - 3 votes
  • The narcissitic detective (Hercule Poirot) - 3 votes
  • The androgynous child hero (Frodo) - 2 votes
  • The classic superhero (Ulysses) - 1 vote
  • The libertine (Don Juan) - 1 vote

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